Qatar : what it means for operators and aircraft owners

There have been many reports of countries cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar.  We’ll leave the speculation to the media, we want to break down what it means for operators and aircraft owners. Just the facts.

Flight Service Bureau - Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Libya, Yemen, Maldives, and Mauritius have all cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

As of now, only Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and UAE have placed flight restrictions on flights to/from Qatar. No known restrictions (beyond those known for Libya and Yemen anyhow) for the remaining countries mentioned in reports.

The new regulations are quite clear. You cannot overfly or land at any airport in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, or UAE with a Qatari registered aircraft. If you have a non-Qatari registered aircraft, and need to operate to/from Qatar and use the mentioned countries airspace you’ll need special approvals from the authorities below:

Saudi Arabia GACA:
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Egypt ECAA:
+202 22678535
+202 24175605

+971 50 642 4911
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No special exemptions have been mentioned by Bahrain, but they’ve given the following routing for those effected by the restrictions:


Due to the situation, Iran has published special routing schemes for transitioning their airspace, as they’ll get quite busy:

Qatar to Ankara:


Qatar to Muscat and Karachi FIR:

FL150-FL19, expect climb after KIS

RAGAS-M561-ASVIB (To Karachi)

RAGAS-M561-KHM-BUBAS (To Muscat)

Ankara to Qatar:

Between FL240 to FL300, ALRAM-UT36-MIDSI

Muscat to Karachi to Qatar:

Between FL240 to FL260, N312/A453-MIDSI

Also, if flying from Ankara to UAE (except OMAA), use the below routing:


The situation is fluid, and we will update this post as we continue to collect news.

Source : FSB

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